About Us
MyAustinTV on KBVO-TV was launched Oct. 21, 2009 by KXAN-TV. MyAustinTV, a MyNetwork TV partner station, is a sports and entertainment channel serving Central Texas and broadcasts in high definition on KBVO-TV (digital channel 14).


MyAustinTV airs San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball games, Houston Texans NFL pre-season games and Big 12 Basketball games, including some The University of Texas Longhorn basketball games.


The station’s entertainment line-up is anchored by popular MyNetwork TV prime time programming beginning at 7 p.m.


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Captioning Concerns
Concerns about our on-air captions?

For immediate concerns contact us at

Phone: 512-703-5393

Fax: 512-703-5387

E-mail: captioning@kxan.com